About Us

The people behind Solution Delivery has a qualified track record of implementing and tailoring tools and solutions within development infrastructure, test and operations to drive software delivery at scale.

We act as a retailer for high-quality software products and related services around these, including premium support agreements for customers who need expertise in these tool areas. We also assist with add-on products, plug-ins and developing customizations for special needs. Our goal is to offer our customers solutions, which means “the whole package”, in a way that makes our customers life a lot easier.

Our customers span from different industries, all sharing a need of effective development of digital services and products, in order to stay competitive.

Our Philosophy

A common challenge

Although infrastructure and tools are of vital importance today it is not uncommon that a lot of those tools aren’t used to the extent anticipated, or does not give the expected value, or even end up as shelf ware. This ends up causing waste of money, time and people’s energy.

We believe in

  • Being dedicated to understanding each client’s unique challenges
  • Only delivering solutions where we can back up with expertise
  • Being personal and present

Our Offer

Our portfolio covers solutions based on both commercial software from various vendors, as well as open source, pay per use and freeware alternatives.

We offer solutions in areas like:

  • Test Data Management and Provisioning
  • Service Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • CI/CD & Release Automation
  • Operational Intelligence

Our approach in a few words:

  • Pilot driven
  • Continuously measure Proof of Value
  • Scale by increments step-by-step, team by team and area by area
  • Establishing ways of working and tool repositories

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